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As owners of Porsches, Corvettes, Lexus’, BMW’s and other luxury cars, we appreciate the love, passion and attachment that develops between a car owner and his/her vehicle.

We have experienced the pride and joy that comes when a friend, neighbor or stranger glances at our vehicle or gives us a nod of approval. At that moment, the time spent washing, waxing, detailing and pampering our vehicle becomes well spent. Our vehicle becomes “The Other Woman”; the one with whom we want to be seen. The one whose portrait we want to proudly display. The vehicle we will never forget.

It was out of this passion, that Streetwise Concepts, LLC evolved. As we learned first hand, the passion we experience with our vehicle was equally shared by car owners around the world. If you are a car lover, then you are familiar with the undying love that is shown for a fine vehicle. It is something that just can’t be explained in words.

Whether your passion is a Rolls Royce, Bentley, Porsche, Corvette or a Harley, it is just that: your passion. From the back yard enthusiast who lovingly details his vehicle on a warm, sunny day to the purveyor of exotic vehicles at Pebble Beach, the common bond is evident. To each, their vehicle is “ The Other Woman”.

Streetwise Concepts, LLC offers high quality, personalized, framed photographs of your vehicle that are sure to attract the attention and admiration of those around you. These one of a kind photographs containing our trademarked phrase: “The Other Woman” or “The Other Man” are individually customized by our graphic artists. These framed photographs can be proudly displayed in your home or office. They make the perfect gift for the vehicle enthusiast.

If you are passionate about your vehicle then simply take a high quality photograph of it and send it to us for customization. The process is simple. Our graphic designers will customize your photograph per your instructions and return it to you for approval.

“The Other Woman” is not limited to your vehicles. It is suitable to convey to others whatever you are passionate about. Is it your motorcycle or chopper? Is it your dog, cat, horse or other pet? Is it your boat or tractor? No matter what your passion, our graphic artists can create a one of a kind Streetwise Concept Design which you would be proud to display.

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